What’s the accommodation like in Bali?

In Bali there are a wide range of accommodation options available, with an even wider variety of pricing. It all comes down to, what do you need/want in accommodation? and what is your budget for accommodation?

The kinds of accommodation in Bali are:

  • Homestays – a live-in family rent out their home to visitors but often still very villa vibe
  • Villas – grab a few friends and rent entire villas, or individual rooms on booking websites too
  • Hostels – the cheapest option often is sharing in a hostel, and some can be surprisingly great
  • Hotels – what you expect they’d be like anywhere else in the world, usually pricey but comfortable

In terms of price, you can’t go wrong with hostels if you are comfortable with sharing (it’s not as bad as you think, I promise) as the minimum floor for a good hostel is somewhere around 80K IDR (£4.60) per night. It can depend where you are in Bali, but this is a price I found common around 80K. Any less than that and you can expect a significant quality drop. The price, as with most things, get’s cheaper the longer you stay. Some offer weekly discounts, some offer only monthly discounts.

If you’re looking at double rooms, I expect to pay double the expected hostel rate. So more in the region of 160~200K IDR at least.

Booking accommodation

I primarily have used for the majority of my initial bookings. If you use the website frequently, you get increasing “Genius” discounts. For example I now get 15% off a lot of bookings I make through the site, and you can filter on this, too. Once you are in an accommodation, a lot of them will then book with you directly and you don’t need to use the websites again.

With the right kinds of places with local friendly owners, you can ask nicely for a lower price. I have had several discounts by booking on either longer terms or just because I’m a good house guest they honour the low price I started there with or they give me a lower price.

If I was looking for somewhere to call home for a longer term, I would consider using Airbnb. Due to the often higher pricing on Airbnb and the fees they add on top to the booking, I’d mostly only consider it for the longer term bookings because of the weekly or monthly discounts the Airbnb owners will give – the website will show you the discounts as you get a quote.

Personally, I have enjoyed moving around to different locations and accommodations to meet new people and get a fresh experience every time, so haven’t ever booked hugely long term. In most cases, I’ve had the best rate just paying for and booking a week at a time directly with the manager of the accommodation. If you’re a friendly house guest, they’ll be happy to keep having you around!

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