What are the transport options in Bali?

The ideal mode of transport in Bali is without a doubt, getting your own scooter/moped. The freedom this offers you is endless, whilst there are roads everywhere in Bali there isn’t always a consistent sidewalk.

You can walk where you want to go, and even cycle via a rental. You’d just have to deal with the traffic of Bali.

The roads are busy, reckless and ruleless – so just be aware and go into it expecting a bit of madness and with some experience you’ll build up confidence. Whether walking, cycling, or riding your own scooter.

Most hotels, hostels and villas you stay at in Bali will have an offering for scooter rental. A reasonable price on a day rate is 50~80K IDR (£2-5). It depends what kind of scooter you go for and how touristy your area is. When you go for a weekly or monthly rental, of course the price will adjust.

The very best prices I have obtained for a 100CC scooter is 650K for a whole calendar month (e.g. 3rd to 3rd), which averages out at around 22K IDR (£1.28) a day!

A lot of scooter rentals won’t ask for any valid licence necessarily, they might instead ask for a passport. Some will request to keep a hold of it if in the very touristy zones where they’re expecting tourists to trash or steal their scooters. If you’re with a garage or rental that’s in a slightly less touristy area then a photo of your licence or passport can suffice.

Just be sure that you are being responsible for yourself. A lot of people have had terrible accidents in Bali and people do die every year coming here thinking they can ride a scooter with no experience, no licence, no helmet, and no insurance.

Just know the risks you are taking. If you have a serious accident and you don’t have a valid international licence, your travel insurance isn’t going to pay a dime. You could end in serious trouble with no way home.

At the absolute minimum, you should wear a helmet. It could (and probably will) save your life when you are greeted with your first Bali kiss.

The other forms of transportation:

  • Local taxi drivers, often overpriced
  • Bluebird taxi’s, which exist in a lot of tourist areas and have some balance of pricing than random taxi’s
  • GOJEK app, go-car and go-ride. You’ll know the price before you take the journey, just like UBER. Go-ride is on the back of scooters, and it’s dirt cheap.
  • GRAB app, similar to GOJEK.

Of these I recommend GOJEK’s go-ride. I use it often. If you’re going out partying, then take a GOJEK go-ride there for less than 50K and back. Drivers are often available 24/7 and you’ll be safer getting home in the early hours than riding a scooter whilst intoxicated.

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