What are the beaches like in Bali?

Are Bali beaches clean?

The beaches of Bali are generally clean and clear of trash or plastics. Though there are visible waterways which can sometimes be clogged up with trash due to the lack of recycling and education in this land, as well as the tourists that donโ€™t care about waste when they come to Bali.

Local businesses on the beach have a vested interest in removing trash from the beach as it will have a negative impact on business. You can often see locals and tourists picking up trash to try and keep the beaches beautiful.

Businesses like Old Manโ€™s (day restaurant and bar, and night bar/club in Canggu) run a weekly trash pickup where they encourage tourists to grab a bag and some gloves and start picking up trash along Batu Balong beach, offering a free drink in return for their help.

Generally you donโ€™t need to worry about the beach being filthy. Just take your trash and help out!

Are Bali beaches safe to swim in?

In terms of sea creatures that might bite you? Yes, safe. In terms of the unpredictability of waves? Depends on how aware you are, how good of a swimmer you are and how practical you are about swimming in the sea.

Generally itโ€™s pretty safe as the waves arenโ€™t always too huge unless you go further out, but they can be very big near the shore too depending on the tide. Iโ€™d recommend asking local surfers and surf shops about the tide on the day and ask what they recommend for swimming and always swim in between the red flags!

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