Are Bali dogs dangerous?

Because of the large amount of stray dogs in Bali, many people are wondering whether Bali dogs are dangerous? Well, keep reading for your answer, from someone who has enjoyed many doggo good times in the last year.

Most dogs in Bali are super friendly. They are used to being around humans as much as any pet dog and are often fed by humans still so are very much used to being around and touched by humans.

But you should be aware that most dogs you will see are strays, even if they have a dog collar. The dog collar usually just means that at some point of the dog’s life it has been vaccinated. But it could still very much be a stray dog, that has some people that feed it locally and it will scavenge for the rest.

There are extreme cases of tourists that have suffered reactions to even a dog lick and has led to death. These are extremely rare. You should just be aware that you are in a place where stray dogs are common and whilst they are friendly and like humans they can still be infested with fleas, bugs, and disease that can have an affect on humans that pet them.

Diseases like rabies are possible and can be contracted from as small as a dog lick, or a small scratch and of course from a bite.

As friendly as most dogs can be. Some can be territorial, including (and more likely) dogs that have owners and live in a local home. I have known people to be bitten by a dog whilst looking around trying to find their accommodation and the dog wasn’t happy they were near their territory.

If you get bit by a dog, you should seek medical attention immediately. If you get scratched, keep an eye out for any weird symptoms. A lick could be an issue, too, though unlikely.

Don’t assume that every friendly dog at the beach or in your local area is suitable for petting and cuddling, as hard as it can be to resist sometimes the best thing you can do is throw them some food to eat and be content with that.

Also note that at night owned dogs can become very territorial so it can be more problematic to walk the streets at night. Dogs belonging to a home will often position themselves at the road edge in front of their home, guarding it and barking at anyone that passes by. Most will just bark, some smaller dogs might snap at your heels to warn you. So generally just drive a scooter or ride on the back of a GOJEK to get around at night.

For great advice about the dog situation in Bali, check out @thebalidog Instagram account

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