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What is Bali Buzz?

Bali Buzz is a network and community for digital nomads who are or who want to live and work from the beautiful land of Bali, Indonesia.

Joe Bloom the creator of Bali Buzz

Created by me, hi πŸ‘‹

My name is Joe Bloom and I’m a digital nomad like you.

How Bali Buzz began

I’ve been living and working remotely for over the last year of my life in places like New Zealand, Malaysia, and Vietnam – but mostly I’ve spent most of my best times as a digital nomad based in Bali.

Living here for such a long time I have learnt a lot and want to share this experience with people like you. Whether you wish you could do what I and many others are doing or you are already living it – this is a place for you to get the advice, the recommendations and the community to live a life of freedom in Bali.

The network is growing rapidly with content that you’re not likely to find easily anywhere else. If you’re looking to be, or are, a digital nomad in Bali – we’ve got the tools:

  • The app for hot spots to eat, play and stay in Bali
  • The free advice articles for Bali in the blog
  • Interviews with digital nomads in Bali to inspire how you can live like this, too
  • Our inner circle community
  • …and so much more to come

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